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Protagonist of each tale

Pyramus And Thisbe

- They were inlove at each other but their parents forbid them to be together.  A hole in the wall between their homes was their chance to be together, they exchange sweet messages and kiss in that little hole. One day they agreed that they would meet  at the Tomb of ninus under the Mulberry tree. The first person to arrived was Thisbe and she waited for her man suddenly a lioness appeared
but its not nearby so Thisbe got the chance to run away and dropped her cloak. Pyramus arrived and saw the cloak full of blood and thought that Thisbe died and was eaten by the lioness. So he grabbed his sword and plunge it into his self. Thisbe came back and saw the dead body of Pyramus under the tree. But for these lovers, death could not separate them apart so Thisbe kill herself too using the sword.

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Pyramus and Thisbe
- Handsome youth and a fair maiden
-Babylonian lovers


  • good musician
  • When he plays his music, people would follow him.
  • Married Eurydice but a serpent killed her
  • He went to the Underworld to find her wife
  • Hades decided to gave back Eurydice but with one Condition :e should never look back at Eurydice. But when they are near at the end of it, Orpheus didn't resist to look back. and he watch Eurydice as she disappear.

    • A group thracian women attacked him and tore him apart.

    Ceyx and Alcyone

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    • a king in Thessaly
    •  son of Lucifer, the light-bearer
    • Husband of Alcyone
    • He decided to have a journey across the sea
    • Alcyone asked him if he could join him as long as they are together but Ceyx left her and sail out the sea during a heavy storm.
    • His boat sank and the last name on his lips was ALCYONE
    • His body was seen by alcyone and he turned to be a bird.


    • daughter of Aeolus, King of the Winds.
    • Wife of ceyx
    • She waited for Ceyx to comeback home.
    • She always pray to Juno for her husband's return.
    • She dreamt about the death of ceyx
    • She went to the shore and saw the body of her husband and the gods made turned her into a bird.

    • The two birds are always seen together flying.
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    Pygmalion and Galatea

    - A great sculptor in Cyprus
    - A women hater
    -Decided to make a statue of a women to show to men what is a perfect woman looked alike
    - Fell In love with his own art. He treated the statue like a real women. He buy gifts for her and clothing,he also kisses her.
    - He prayed to Venus at her feast day in Cyprus and Venus answered his prayer by making the flames leap up 3 times.
    -He went home the statue came to life and replied to his touch and kisses.
    - He named her Galatea and they had a son named Paphos.

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    Bacchus and Philemon

    Bacchus And Philemon


    - The  hospitable poor couple  who provided and welcomed the two gods, Jupiter and Mercury when they came down on earth and disguised their selves.
    - Because of their hospitality the two gods changed their poor hut into a temple. They also grant their wish to die together.
    -The two became a tree: The linden and the oak



    - These are the descriptions about him: Kind, Hunter, A shepherd and he is handsome.
    -The Moon Selene was inlove with him and caress him every night.
    - He sleeps forever. 
    - He is immortal



    -hates love
    -her father was the river-god Peneus.
    - While hunting in the woods, Apollo saw her and fell inlove. He tried to chase her and even though Daphne could run so fast, Apollo catched her and became a Laurel tree.

    Apollo and the Laurel leaves

    Alpheus and Arethusa

    - Huntress
    -worships Artemis
    -She also hates love just like Daphne and don't have a plan to marry someone.
    -She take a bath on a crystal clear river and the river god Alpheus watches her.
    - When she heard a voice, she ran and Alpheus chased her. So Arethusa prayed to artemis and she became a spring.

    Greek Mythology by Edith Hammilton